Posted on January 28, 2013

why am i here?

this is an incredibly old question. asked throughout human history… however long humans have had history, and a mind to ask such questions. there are answers all around. some of the answers lead you asking more questions. some of the answers require a lot of faith to believe them. i do not pretend to know why you are here… nor do i really truly know why we - the human race - are here. i do know i have asked this very same question, and looking for an answer to this, and many other question this one question leads to, has drawn me to contention with those i know and love. what it truly boils down to is a lack of understanding. if we had perfect understanding, then we would have no such questions. i do not have perfect understanding, thus, i have questions.

some reasons, and the contention between them…

ask a scientist “why am i here?” and they will more than likely tell you something to the extent of “because about 3.8 billion years ago the first replicating molecule formed on this planet, and slowly evolved into first single-celled, then multi-celled life, and you (along with every other living creature on earth at this time) are the culmination of all those many years of evolution.”

now if you turn around and ask a religious person, this very same question, you will get a very different response: “God made you because he has a plan for you and knew you before the foundations of the earth (which, by the way, was about 6 thousand years ago).”

some people view this contention as “proof” that the other side is wrong. that everything a scientist says is wrong because it does not fit with the word of God, and the christians are wrong because they are using an argument from authority and using a book that has contradictions in it as their authority.

this whole argument makes me sad…….

i am a fairly new christian. at this writing i have only been a christian for about one year. i do not read my bible on a regular basis, but i am thankful for Gods healing and love in my life.

i grew up in a normal (read: secular) house going to public school and learning all the wonders of the world. i learned about biology and physics and chemistry and even math, all without God, but there was incredible beauty everywhere i looked.

for years i looked for something to fix me, and make me whole., and all the while i knew God was not the answer, because God did not take 14 billion years to carefully create the cosmos!! no, he quickly threw it together one afternoon making a few adjustments every day for 6 days, and then took a nap.

but God had different plans for me, and i view Gods creation through a different lens than what most christians do. this simple fact sets me apart, makes me unique amongst those i know, and it makes me alone. i am alone in my thoughts, and so, using the power of the internet, i will share my thoughts, and maybe there will be one, or a few or - i pray - many who see the world how i do. more than likely there are not many, and i will get a lot of hate mail, from creationists and evolutionists alike. the only thing i ask is for you to keep an open mind. take what i have, and think upon it, and ask yourself: “does this make sense?” or “is this truly Gods word?” i want to change lives and minds through this endeavor… not get more hate mail than i care to read.

why i am doing this

if God is perfect - and by all accounts He is - then he would not mess up His creation. to put it another way: Gods word and Gods creation CAN NOT EVER be in disagreement. so, what to do with the fact that Gods word and His creation are apparently at odds with one another? there are two options here: either Gods word is wrong, or we are wrong. since Gods word can not be wrong (God is perfect, remember?) then we are wrong! how are we wrong? there are probably infinite ways we are wrong, but 2 in particular i would like to explore…

  1. we are interpreting Gods word wrong
  2. we are interpteting the evidence from his creation wrong

– more to come –