aligning of the stars

Posted on March 28, 2013

The other day I wrote about shifting my learning energies to Clojure, and I found 2 interesting pieces of data:

First, is a project from Relevance called Pedestal which is a set of libraries that work closely together in order to make web-based applications using Clojure much easier. I heard about it on the Relevance podcast where they introduce the software, the ideas behind it, and that it’s not really a framework, which might just work in my favor. (I’m going to take a look at this & Datomic for building the app)

The other bit is a blog post about Programming languages ranked by expressiveness. They do use some assumptions, that could be argued against, but for the most part I think the arguments raised are pretty sound. People are, of course, always going to argue against things like this, especially if their favorite language is said to be bad. I’ll let you read the post & decide for yourself!